Services offered:

  • 24 hour toll free telephone access
  • Short term shelter for women & children
  • Individual and group support for women & children
  • Counselling
  • Support for victims of Elder abuse
  • Public Education and information
  • Support and Advocacy
  • Information and Referral
  • Accompaniment (court, lawyer, Police, etc.)

Emergency Shelter

We have a short term emergency shelter to accommodate women and children in need, whether they are fleeing an abusive relationship or find themselves in a housing emergency or another crisis situation.You can come to the shelter with your children for a period of time where you will:

  • Feel safe.
  • Discuss with the shelter worker day or night of your feelings, your needs and your plans.
  • Be informed and helped with your legal appointments: legal aid, financial assistance, apartment searching, etc.
  • Feel supported and respected whatever your decisions are.
  • Be able to make a safety plan for you and your children

Crisis/Support Line

If women or children are in need of support or are experiencing a crisis, we have a number that they can call 24 hours a day (we accept collect calls). Our staff are supportive and can provide an array of resource information and or referrals.You can talk to a shelter worker day or night if:

  • You are afraid, you are sad and you want to talk about it.
  • You question yourself about your relationship and your partner.
  • You feel confused and you don’t know what to do or think about your situation.
  • You want information on your rights, on your options and on the services in the community

Outreach Program

What is Outreach?

  • A service provided by the Horizon Women’s Centre
  • A non-residential voluntary program for women who identify themselves as having been physically, emotionally or sexually abused by their partner or someone else.
  • Designed to assist and empower women in making choices

Our goals are to:

  • Provide safety panning to women who are fleeing abusive partners
  • Help women become aware of their own needs and find resources to respond to them
  • Make women aware that they have rights (especially the right to live in a home free from any kind of violence)
  • Help women improve their awareness of community services
  • Give support to women in a climate conducive to enhance their self esteem
  • Educate the community on how to prevent violence

Services Offered:

Individual Support

  • By telephone
  • By home visits (if deemed safe for worker)
  • at the Outreach office

Group Session
Provides support, information and opportunity to discuss a variety of issues (anger, healthy relationship, assertiveness…)

To court, lawyers, police, hospital and/or other appointments

May act on a client’s behalf to ensure service providers respond appropriately to their needs

Providing information and linkages to the appropriate community services available

Public Education
Providing public presentations or mini-workshops on awareness of woman abuse or family violence issues

Transitional Support Program

Our program’s goal is…

  • To help you understand the cycle of violence and the different forms of abuse.
  • To work out a plan on how to live without violence and independently.
  • To inform you on the different services in the community that can help you.
  • To ensure your safety and that of your children.

How can we help you?

We will support you and help you connect with all necessary community support services you might need to.

  • Help upgrade your schooling
  • Look for option on going back to work
  • Find a suitable home
  • Obtain services for you children
  • Identify resources to meet your financial needs
  • Inform you of your legal rights and accompany you, if necessary
  • Counsel you on different health issues
  • If needed, develop a safety plan for you and your children
  • Inform you on other useful services


Upon your departure, the transitional support worker and/or outreach worker will continue to be there to encourage and support you.With new knowledge comes the strength to take control of your life.Your choices and decisions will bring you towards a more peaceful and happier future.

Women’s Counselling Program

Who Could Benefit?

Women 16 years of age and older who may be or have been:

  • In or seeking to leave an abusive relationship
  • Suicidal or experiencing thoughts of harm
  • Experiencing symptoms of depression
  • Experiencing anxiety and stress
  • Experiencing low self-esteem
  • Experiencing loss
  • Feeling overwhelmed with life’s problems
  • Having problems at work, home or at school
  • Sexually assaulted